Uncommon Scents at the Meridian and The Unexpectedly Delightful Honeysuckle Bath Bomb

Hello darlings, bold beauties, and modern classics!

Today’s topic of review is self-care, specifically in the form of the Barr-Co Honeysuckle Bath Bomb.  This product is currently sold out online, but available through my favorite local skin, bath, & body shop: Uncommon Scents at the Meridian.  If you are interested in purchasing this wonderful quick-selling item from their store, simply give them a call!

As part of a recent development in my life, I’ve begun work as an independent web designer and social media specialist.  I’m overjoyed to be able to put my work towards a company I can not only say aligns with my core values of Earth-friendly and ethical business, but a company I have been shopping at for-ev-er!  Yes, that company is Uncommon Scents at the Meridian.  They’ve lovingly gifted me this bath bomb to spark off an upcoming blogging series, where I review products sold (and even made) by Uncommon Scents at the Meridian.

But enough about my business endeavors –

lets talk about this delightful bath bomb!


The Barr-Co is an offshoot of K Hall Designs that has had a dramatic growth spurt in popularity.  You can find their products in local shops, as well as chain stores such as Anthropologie.

They specialize in “simplistic, clean designs using the most natural ingredients available” (source).  I truly felt this message was carried out in their Honeysuckle scented Bath Bomb, featuring only 6 easily readable and identifiable ingredients!


Highlights of this product:

  • Delicate and enchanting scent, extremely true to that of a real Honeysuckle.  I have often thought many bath bombs had an almost overpowering scent that made their extended use unpleasant, and found that the Barr-Co’s product was easy on the senses.
  • Silky Feeling.  Another one of my problems with some bath bombs is the unpleasant sensation left on your skin after use.  But instead of an oily or heavy residue interfering with my post-bath rituals, I stepped out with my skin shimmering and silky.  It was as if I’d been wrapped up in a big satin scarf!
  • Quick Dissolving with a Delightful Fizz.  Part of the fun of bath bombs is always watching them bubble and unfurl in the water – this one was no different.

The only downsides I can comment on was that, like most bath bombs, it left a colorful ring around the tub that must be cleaned eventually.  This also might not be an ideal product for those who buy bath bombs primarily for the visuals.  It did not significantly alter the color of the water, or product any fun designs, shimmer, or shapes.

Overall, I would say that the Honeysuckle Barr-Co Bath Bomb is ideal for a relaxing night in after a long day at work.  Prepare yourself a nice bowl of fresh fruit, perhaps a glass of champagne and a sheet mask, and drop this ball of joy into the water for a spa-like experience right from the comfort of your own home!

A big thank you to Uncommon Scents at the Meridian and the Barr-Co!  Reviewing this product was a joy and I will absolutely be purchasing it in the future.