Glamour On a Budget Fashion Spotlight!

A new arrival of two Jack Bryan dresses to my store Sephine had me wondering what other lovely stuff this vintage designer had created, that might still be drifting around.  I’ve come to realize that Jack Bryan has an extremely specific design aesthetic that for me, reads as casual luxury.  Today’s fashion spotlight shines on a specific Jack Bryan dress from SavageLoveVintage on Etsy.


I was in awe when I first laid eyes on it!  An authentic 1960s Jack Bryan pink evening gown, complete with a sheer cape that cascades beautifully down the arms and collars the neck.


The elegance of the flowing fabric combined with the beaded collar is something I admire in Jack Bryan’s work: ability to combine heavily structured and clustered bedazzlement with effortless simplicity.  Not to mention, the particular shade of pink – freshly blooming roses, or a mid-sunset hue, is just darling.


Only 78.00!  For those among us who desire glamour on a budget, this is something to invest in for sure.

40″ – 30″ (Empire Waist)-  48″

If you like this dress, stay tuned for two lovely Jack Bryan dresses with matching overcoats coming to Sephine Vintage late May!  Comment for what you would like to see on the next Glamour On a Budget article; anything from ruby slippers to satin pillowcases!


Clothes, Clothes, Wonderful Clothes!

I’m here today to answer one of the most common questions I’ve gotten as the owner of a vintage business.  “How do you decide which clothes to sell and which clothes to keep for yourself?”

I’m answering this on the heels of a new haul of clothing, which I go into detail about on my alternative blog on Sephine Vintage!  (Please check it out).

Out of the 15-ish garments I collected, only one stood out for me as something I had to keep for myself.  It’s a 1950’s black chiffon dress that was so akin to something Marilyn Monroe would classically wear.  It had it all – the breezy skirt, the wrap-around wide-cinched waist, the cascading fabric bust that tied around the neck and left the back uncovered.  To some, just a little black dress, but I knew the instant I put it on that it was a staple of my own personal style.

If I could, I would absolutely wear everything in my store 24/7.  I am proud and envious of all my wonderful customers who get to call Sephine collected pieces their own.  But when you have such a wide array of clothing to select from, you must narrow it down to not only fabulous pieces, but pieces that speak to you as an individual.  This discernment is essential.  You must figure out what type of person you want to be, and make sure your wardrobe speaks to this.  The Marilyn Monroe dress spoke to me because it embodied elements of femininity, sexuality, and power.  It’s playful with an edge.  A rose with thorns.  A woman with a sharp gaze.  Enchanting-yet-mysterious has always been my favorite elegant woman quality.

Oh, and did I mention it’s incredibly fun to dance in?