Hello darlings!  My name is Josephine Caro.  Since I’m sure you’re dying to know, here are some things about me, and about what you can expect from this blog of mine:

  • I’m 19 years old and Marilyn Monroe is my favorite.
  • I’m a Scorpio, with an Aries moon, and a Libra rising
  • (Astrology is very important to me.)
  • Grace Kelly was also a Scorpio.  Just so everyone is aware.
  • I’ve been coming up with different schemes to become famous since I was about 5.
  • I’m the owner of an online vintage clothing ambry called Sephine.  You can check it out at Sephine Vintage Dot Com.  We’re also on most types of social media as @sephinevintage.
  • I produced an album and fragments of it are available for listening on my bandcamp.
  • I went to approximately 2/3rds of 1 year of a 4-year program for a B.A. in Film at a liberal arts college.  Loved studying film, detested the college.
  • Nowadays I spend my time elbow-deep in soapy water washing a deceased grandmother’s prom dress, donning 50’s inspired garments to the grocery store, web marketing, cooking with my husband, singing, or writing.
  • …or marathoning Top Model.
  • (Mostly marathoning Top Model.)

I started this blog because I feel that over the years I’ve accumulated a lot of information relating to health, beauty, fashion, clean eating, life organization, and general helpfulness.  I wanted to share that information with the world in a more tangible format than tweets or tumblr posts.  Also, a lot of strange things happen to me, and I’m a huge over-sharer.

Hope you have fun here!  Please check out my instagram for a reasonable facsimile of my visage.