Things To Keep Near Your Bed

Dolls: apologies for the absence!  As I’m sure you’re well aware of, life happens often.  To jump back into the swing of things, and always for your pleasure, here is a collection of absolute nightstand essentials for the classic duchess, dame, and darling.


First up; The Rose.  Fresh flowers on your nightstand incorporate an element of elegance and nature that would otherwise be lost.  A single rose, or even a dozen bouquet, cannot be passed on.
Scented Candle; To illuminate your day and brighten the air around you.
Crystal Glass of Water; Hydration mustn’t be a chore.
Golden Clam; For all the miscellaneous earrings and jewels you ultimately put on and off before sleeping, and after awakening.
Slippers; To keep your feet warm and make the journey to the washroom less exasperating.
Crystal Ball; For early-morning divinations, of course.
Miss Dior; Personal fragrance is a sensory staple.  Find one that conveys your unique attributes.  If you aren’t a Miss Dior, who are you?
Lip Balm; Must be beeswaxed based or you will end up disappointed.  Rose-scented for the delicate among us, cinnamon scented for the sharp-cutting dames.
Makeup Wipes; Keep these near your bed.  You’ll thank yourself when you come home from a party in the early hours and barely have time to brush your teeth!
Lightweight Moisturizer; If you can get into the habit, a lightweight moisturizer before bed will have you awakening with petal-soft and enviable skin.
Sleep Mask; For getting the rest you really need, no matter what time of the season.
Classic Analog Clock; Digital alarm clocks have been proven to promote restless sleep, and discord in your brain.  Choose something more timeless and don’t stress about the hour until you’re ready to awaken.
Everything in this article is available for purchase on the following sites!



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