Organic Beauty: Derma E Exfoliation

Hello all, and welcome to the second post in my Organic Beauty series, in which I talk about switching up my makeup and skincare routines to incorporate only products with organic/natural materials.  I’m having a very positive journey down this road, and encourage everyone else to give it a try.

This post is going to be centered around the Derma E. Microdermabrasion scrub, made with citrus oil and dead sea salt.  I have been using this product for months now, and am excited to share my experience with it!

HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS PRODUCT2016102714541392876_lrg

  • Honestly effective.  Every time I use this scrub my face is left feeling baby soft.  And while some exfoliants can be rough on your skin, and leave it raw, I have never experienced this with Derma E.
  • Non-Invasive Scent.  I know this is a very important point for a lot of people.  Derma E scrub has a very gentle and almost unnoticeable scent, that doesn’t stick on your skin after you’re done.
  • Long Lasting.  It might seem daunting to spend 25 or so dollars on a 2 OZ tub, but this product requires a very small amount per use.  I’ve had mine for two months now and have barely scratched the surface.  Considering you’re only supposed to use this exfoliant twice a week, one container could easily last you anywhere from 6 months to a year.

My only caution against this product would be that sometimes the actual scrubbing process itself can feel slightly stinging, or intense.  Make sure to scrub in upward circles towards the grain of your pores, and go as gently as you need to, in order to avoid irritation.  Rest assured that while sometimes feeling aggressive, overall I consider this product to be very gently cleansing.


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