On The Topic of Thin Elegace

[Warning: allusions to disordered eating]

There’s one thing I want to make clear for all my vintage darlings, modern classics, and fashionellas who have struggled with self image or disordered eating, as I know I have.

Food is inherently tied to glamour, in a positive way.  


Despite the image of thin elegance that is often presented to us, there is nothing dainty or lavish or high-class about not eating, or avoiding food.

Taking the time you make yourself a beautiful breakfast and coffee, having lunch at a small cafe and getting yourself salads and sandwiches and soups and pastries, cooking yourself new and interesting dinners and eating them by candlelight?  That’s glamour.

Ordering a desert you love, finishing every last bite on your plate and smiling; indulgence, self-satisfaction?  It’s gorgeous.  Nobody can deny it’s gorgeous.

Please don’t feel like you need to remove a love of food from your life just because you’re trying to present yourself in a beautiful way, because I promise, the food you choose to eat adds to your beauty infinitely.  Every ounce of you is angelic.  Every squish, sway, and bounce: a gift.

Learn to own this, and in turn, own the world.


Above art by Delphin Enjolras
Laduree img credit: langhamhotels.com
Featured Image: Alexandre Cabanel, The Birth of Venus, 1875



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