It’s Enough to Be Young and in Love

Hey folks.

I urgently need to talk about Lana Del Rey’s new song “Love”, and it’s music video.

Lana has always been one of my favorite artists, for the way she highlights the simplicity of familiar concepts, in a nuanced and highly emotional way.  Everything she pours out might be cliché coming from another artist, but from Lana, it somehow becomes an audible bearing of the soul.  I believe this is due to her humble roots, kind attitude, and the way she has stayed true to herself throughout her rise to fame.  She is, without a doubt, one of the most intelligent creative minds in the music industry today.  Her talent speaks largely for itself.

On the topic of “Love” – I couldn’t put into words my favorite thing about it until I watched the music video, released today.  While many of Lana’s songs focus on individual stories, or personal memoirs, “Love” emphasized the universal emotions of youth.  The music video made it clear that it was not just about herself, but about us all.

Hidden within this heartbreakingly simple song was a feeling: you’re okay, you’re holding a world in the palm of your hand, you feel nothing but happiness and wonder.  You’re going somewhere incredible.

It’s her ability to perfectly recreate these emotions in a song that has captivated me.

Through her music journey, Lana’s fans have had the privilege of watching her grow and become more comfortable in her own skin.  I’ve been watching since she was proclaimed the worst performance to ever grace the SNL stage in 2012, and I get to be here now – seeing her smile and wink at the camera as she heartfully spills out lyric after lyric packed with enchantment.


Flowers in her hair, high heels on, white dress glowing, this is Lana at her finest.  Creating honest and touching ballads that speak to the common desires of us all, using nothing but her powerful voice, charm, and imagination.

My youngest and most genuine love to Lana, and my entire heart for whatever she produces next.



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