Here’s To a Beginning

Because in between starting a business, starting a new job, starting a new profession, moving houses, and trying to produce a new album – why not start a blog?

My life has been rolling around in weird ways over the past year.  A lot of things have ended, messily I might add, and prematurely.  I think that life is harder in the winter.  That’s something I’ve noticed.  Just this past week, little tulip buds are beginning to bloom over people’s lawns and on the sidewalk cracks around town, and it reminds me that something new and exciting is coming.

I moved out of my childhood home two days ago, and returned tonight for a family dinner.  I am learning to love my new space in West Eugene, but also felt at ease washing dishes in that familiar kitchen, on the Southern end of this small town.  I had gone through the turmoil of moving and letting go, but all of a sudden was realizing that nothing had been taken from me.  I still had access to that comfort and that warmth I always associated with “home” (here meaning, a specific house).

Sometimes when I think of all the different places I’ve lived, all the different friends I’ve had, all the different personalities I’ve adopted, connections made a lost, jobs held, music listened to, feelings experienced – well, it makes me want to cry.  No matter how deep into a situation I get, it would seem that most things are still only temporary.

But I know the truth; that nothing ever really ends.  They just become something new.

So I’m starting this blog as something new.  Maybe it’ll be like other past experiences, and just turn into water under the bridge, a page in my memoirs or what have you.  But who knows.  Maybe this is something more?

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that the things that last are the things most unexpected.


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